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Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 Review and Comparison with Kaspersky Internet Security 2015

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Features Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 Kaspersky Internet Security 2015
New Improved GUI Yes No
Private Browsing function Yes No
Google Chrome support for 64-bit OS Yes Yes
System Changes control Function Yes No
File, mail, web and IM anti-virus Yes Yes
Improved anti-phishing and anti-spam Yes No
Enhanced protected browser options Yes No
Trusted Application mode activation without analyzing installed apps Yes No
New Manage Resources Window Yes No
Protection against unauthorized audio recording
Yes No
Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 a Comparative Review

Ever since its inception as a security software company, Kaspersky Labs has been there with unmatched Internet security solutions to both business and domestic customers. They are designated as one of the leaders in internet security segment and their comprehensive Internet security solutions has protected millions of users in the past from the attack of intruders. They are continuing their legacy with the release of the new version of this most acclaimed software and the new version is well designed and powerful enough to defend your computer from all threats currently threatening the cyber world.

What Kaspersky Internet Security solution offers you?

In the abundance of spamming and phishing scams, it is very clear to every internet user who use it to bank, buy and entertain that the online security is getting more and more critical than ever before. The Kaspersky Internet Security offer rock solid protection against computer viruses, malwares and internet based threats. It defends you and your family against attacks from spammers, identity thieves and Trojans. Its award winning cloud assisted technologies safeguard your transactions with an extra layer of security when you pay or receive money online
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Now it is quite undeniable that the hackers has become more savvier and much sophisticated to break through any foolproof defending measures. New viruses and malwares are released in quick succession to breach all the security measures and penetrate deep into your system to plunder your very sensitive information. Therefore, no other security system than one that is up to date and highly sophisticated can protect you from these threats. The Kasersky Internet Security 2016 is one of them that can provide you complete data protection. Install it into your system and enjoy peace of mind, all your data is safe under the protection of the world’s most vigilant Internet security system.
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